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First Major Update for Train Sim Bounty Train Released

Gamers already in the early access stage of Daedalic Entertainment and Corbie Games Train Sim Bounty Train will be happy to hear their feedback has been heard and the title has enjoyed some updates.

 As for sim fans still on the fence, or should that be platform, the updates may be enough to tempt them.

First, what is Train Sim Bounty Train?

The title is described as a complex, tactically challenging game with players keeping many balls in the air. These would include dealing with real time skirmishes with bandits, trading good for the best prices, resource management, train optimization and keeping the line as well as the train in good repair.

In addition, Bounty Train confronts the player with historical events, from the onset of the Civil War to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and depending on player choices and performance, the course of history may be changed.

Set in the America of the 1860s, the player is the son of a Railroad Tycoon out to fulfil his dead father’s grand dream: an unbroken train line across America. Because this is a PC game, it has an interesting and dramatic backs story the father’s former partners having other plans in store, making the building of the line a desperate race to prevent a great evil, of course.

The recent updates combines all the feedback by players and press collected over the course of the last months; further updates on the way to the full release in the second quarter of 2016 are already scheduled.


They include;

New Save System. With update 04, manual saving has found its way into Bounty Train. Reportedly, players had to move files around but no more. Now gamers have complete control and can save the game whenever they want as well as being able to create various save games.

Developers are considering using the old system for runs on higher difficulty, but this decision is still pending and awaiting feedback on this idea.

Day/Night Cycle. Areas can now be accessed during day or nighttime. Developers plan on extending on this feature in the near future through implementation of day and night-dependent missions as well as other alternative options matching this theme.

Economy Adjustments. The developers have admitted they weren’t happy with the in-game economy and have tweaked the price development. Additionally, new goods have been introduced which they feel should be worthwhile alternatives to the present goods and encounters.

‘In the long run, we want to have goods in the game you can process further to specialize certain areas even more and provide more in-game options for players,’ Daedalic Entertainment and Corbie state.

New Events. An issue in the last version was the frequency of enemy encounters and subsequent combat. To get around this developers are implementing more events. In the update, when player travel a track, they won't just find the familiar factions, but also encounter new mini-events from time to time.

Character Adjustments. Players can now switch the loadout of individual characters. You think Walter should be a grenadier? Well, you can give him grenades and let him wreak some havoc. Speaking of which, we also plan to add more shops to make respective gear more accessible. Aaand enemies will drop special items and weapons in the future.

And finally, Cabin Adjustments. One of the developer’s main goals is to provide players with the means to build their very own train to match the playstyle. With the new system allows for customized cabins and control over expenses and weight of a player’s train. If this sounds good, more custom options will be unlocked through shops and inventions.

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