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Valhalla Hills: Off to the Desert

The Valhalla Hills first DLC brings not only more content but updates to the modern strategy game inspired by classic game designs like "The Settlers II" or "Cultures".

The game’s objective is to lead the exiled Viking heroes up the highest peak of a mountain, to a magic portal which leads way to Valhalla. But this is a PC game and nothing is as easy as it sounds. In this case, the Vikings need to survive!

The player has to face the dangers and challenges of the harsh mountains and find a way to the peak. Since the Vikings wouldn't last long in the mountains, they have to take care of clothing, food and shelter and defend against ghostly mountain dwellers and wild beasts.

The first DLC of the Viking simulation adds to these challenges and takes gamers into the desert.

The masterminds behind Valhalla Hills, Daedalic Entertainment and Funatics, bring some new things to the table with the desert expansion, like a sandy, flat mountain type that will challenge a player’s bold Vikings.

Add to this, fishermen, can only fish in an oasis with the help of an irrigation system to grow crops in these dry lands.


We did mention this was a PC game? There are also dangers lurking in the sand, constantly attacking mummies and various kinds of scorpions will try to prey on unsuspecting Vikings.

In addition to the DLC a large update will add various new features. Dwellings, for example, have been overhauled and there will be new, better tools for hunters and couriers. Making it a little easier on gamers, the work flow of the Vikings has been optimized, they will now coordinate their tasks and goods will be delivered to the place they're needed most.

The game promises high replay value through procedurally generated maps and it doesn’t look too bad either as it was developed with the Unreal 4 Engine.

And talk about buy in, players can actually name their Vikings!

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