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Its Official! Climate Change comes to the PC Next Month

The mixing of gaming worlds continue with the latest offering from Slitherine Group and its title Last ‘Days of Old Earth’.

Looking to the modern subject matter of climate change with tiles and turns in its latest game, the world’s leading producer and publisher of digital wargames and strategy games brings together its experience of hundreds of various titles.

This immersive and deep game is a unique mix of tactical strategy and card elements from developer Auroch Digital, and launches with single-player skirmish mode, a tutorial to get you up-to-speed on the basics, and a competitive multiplayer system.

Set in the future where none of the worst-case scenarios hypothesized by scientists about climate change come close to what humanity faces. With the Sun drained of energy and the Earth ruined by human activities, Earth is an icy and hostile world as Mankind fight to survive one day at a time.

Not surprisingly, there are factions and guess what? They’re warring.


Inspired by cult classic PC game Armageddon Empires, Last Days of Old Earth is a strategy game that invites players to lead the destiny of the human Skywatchers or the robotic Automata. In a world where natural resources are almost depleted, they will have to explore randomly-generated maps to find, exploit, and protect new energy and material sources.

Diplomacy is no longer an option in such a desperate context, so recruiting your own heroes and military units will be vital. By mixing 4X with deck-building mechanics, Last Days of Old Earth promises to be both dynamic and cerebral.

For gamers who are sneaking this into their wish list, they should mark March 3 down as a date of note. That’s when Last Days of Old Earth enters Steam Early Access.

Early Access players will have the chance to test both factions and dozens of heroes and units on randomly generated maps, in both single and multiplayer. Major content updates bringing new game mechanics and modes are already planned, and the developers are keen to respond to feedback from the community to fine-tune every aspect of Last Days of Old Earth.


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