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Mil-Sim fans teased with Arma 3 developer diary on new Scenario Editor

Any PC gamer who has looked around for a challenging or realistic First Person Shooter would’ve stumbled across Bohemia Interactive’s Arma series and more importantly, its most recent version, Arma 3.

Aside from the passionate and avid base of players, Bohemia Interactive has maintained the sterling reputation of supporting its titles with Arma 3 being no different. An important part of the upcoming updates is and huge advancement of the editor that allows players to create mission and scenarios.

To this end, Bohemia Interactive today deployed a new Arma 3 developer diary video, featuring the upcoming new Arma 3 Scenario Editor: Eden 3D Editor. In the video, Senior Designer Karel Mořický, Programmer Filip Sadovský, and Creative Director Jay Crowe provide a more in-depth look at the Eden Editor's key features and development process. Gamers who would like to learn more about the Eden 3D Editor, can get an eseentially 101 from Bohemia Interactive’s latest blog post, which lists 10 of the Eden Editor's standout features and improvements.

While content creation has always been at the heart of the Arma series, the brand new Eden Editor represents a massive leap forward. Users will now be able to design their scenario from within the 3D game environment, which makes building your own scenarios using Arma 3's vast library of weapons, characters, vehicles, buildings, and other objects – much more effective and fun. Plus, people can publish their creations to the Arma 3 Steam Workshop, or subscribe to 17,000+ scenarios made by other players.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of Arma 3, its a tactical military shooter, which is set in the massive Mediterranean sandbox of Altis, measuring a massive 270 km²as well as its smaller cousin Stratis, weighing in at 20 km².

The game features a diverse range of official and unofficial singleplayer and multiplayer content, which is supported by more than 20 vehicles, 40 weapons, customizable gear, and 5 different factions. An in-game scenario editor enables players to create their own scenarios, which alongside player-created addons and total conversions can be shared via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

The best part and one of the many reasons gamers are fans of the title and the developers, the Eden 3D Editor will be made available to all Arma 3 players as part of a free platform update scheduled for release later in February 2016.

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