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The Solus Project - A Survival Game in the Stars

A survival game set on some, far-away, unknown planet will be fighting for attention when released for Steam Early access on February 18.

Coming from the small, independent Swedish gaming studios, Teotl Studios, ‘The Solus Project’ takes place in a rich sci-fi universe during the 22nd century.

With the goal of creating high quality and immersive single player experiences, Teotl Studios, ‘The Solus Project’ is a narrative-driven survival experience. Promising to tell a rich, linear story, something the developers feel are rarely seen in survival games, while maintaining an open sandbox gameplay and survival mechanics.

Our solar system was ripped apart by a rogue star and humanity survives on a fleet of spaceships called the Prolus colony. With little fuel left and starvation on the horizon, Prolus command organizes a final desperate mission to find a new home for humanity.

In this operation called ‘The Solus Project’, five small scouting ships are sent to five solar systems that are suspected of having habitable planets. The spacecraft the player is on has travelled for more than a decade and just as it arrives, disaster strikes.


Gamers may not have heard this one before, but of the entire crew, only the player survives.

‘As the only one left, mankind’s survival depends on you’.

Not to spoil the story line too much, players will be tasked to determine whether the planet habitable? Is it safe? And when the legacy of an alien race is discovered, ancient structures and machinery, more questions come about.

As we mentioned, ‘The Solus Project’ will be released on Steam Early access on February 18. In the meantime, here is the latest developers diary/video.

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