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Preparing for Release, Soul Axiom Nominated for Award

There are many ways to promote a PC gaming title just before its release. Clever advertising, good reviews or the icing on any promotional cake, a nomination for a respected award.

Soul Axiom, the upcoming first-person, story-driven puzzle game has all of the above and a release date which is quickly approaching. The first-person adventure thriller has been nominated for the “Best Console/PC Hardcore” in the 2016 Game Connection America Awards and has a release date of February 29th.

Described as a psychological adventure requiring exploration and puzzle solving Wales Interactive’s upcoming title allows players to interact with over 100 physical puzzles, make psychological decisions and explore memories to unlock the secrets of the player’s identity.

And this will be needed as this cyber-thriller is an interesting game to wrap your mind around. Digital afterlifes, a beautifully simplistic emphasis on striking shapes, strong colors, and beautiful effects as well as a player’s memories and dreams being stored on a futuristic server, referred to a ‘Digital Soul Provider’ in the back story.

‘Our patented SoulSync system allows you to choose the memories you want to enjoy for eternity; whether you are a living user or you simply wish to leave a lasting testament of your life that the whole family can relive at their leisure’.

Interesting stuff.


All this allows gamers to collect unique hand powers to solve puzzles, manipulate the environment and unlock the path to your adventure. Be immersed in a dramatic story with over 15 hours of gameplay and 40 distinct locations to explore. Players can choose their destiny and discover multiple endings as the mysteries of the digital afterlife are unraveled.

Soul Axiom is made up of 6 chapters consisting of 40 unique types of content, gamers can expect between 15-20 hours of gameplay.

Soul Axiom is set for release on February 29th.

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