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Pixel Game 'Reagan Gorbachev' Gets Release Date

Imagine this. It’s 1986 and Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been taken hostage by mysterious mercenaries. However, instead of waiting to be rescued by Steven Seagal, they decide to break out themselves.

This isn’t a rejected script from an unmade eighties action movie but the latest PC game offering from Veteran indie studio Team2Bit. Called ‘Reagan Gorbachev’ this top down pixel game can be viewed from two viewpoints; either it’s a well-done parody of not only the over-the-top eighties and the arcade games being played at the time, or alternatively it’s an incredible homage to the same time period.

Regardless, the small touches make the game unique. From the loading screens of seeing Reagan in his best Rambo pose or Gorbachev channeling Dirty Harry.

The developer’s rundown of its backstory, ‘Set in a fever dream version of 1986, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been taken hostage by mysterious mercenaries. Now they must learn to work together, arm themselves with a small arsenal of military grade firearms, and take out a terrorist army in time to stop a nuclear war’.

The game is complete with Reagan’s infamous samurai sword kills and Gorbachev’s CRT monitor era hacking expertise, all of which allows players to sneak, slash or shoot their way through 32 levels of ‘Super Meatline Miami’ inspired gameplay and puzzles.

Other skills available, computer hacking, trap setting, and lock picking. In true eighties fashion players can use weapons ranging from Katanas and Poison Blowguns to Assault Rifles and Uzis.


Reagan Gorbachev is the second consecutive ‘couch co-op" game created by Team2Bit, with Fist Puncher being the first.

‘At its core, Reagan Gorbachev is a game about cooperation,’ Team2Bit write in the promotional material, ‘We wanted to make a game that required two unique and disparate characters to work together towards a common goal. In doing so, we're hoping to subtly reinforce a message that is absolutely critical in life: shared goals require teamwork.’

Indeed, the developers say this is why they chose Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev as characters for the game.

‘Not only are they instantly recognizable, iconic historical figures, but because they were individuals who were forced to set aside differences, search for common ground, and ultimately work together to put an end to the decades long Cold War,’ the developers state.

Reagan Gorbachev can be played by one player or two players local co-op, and will be priced at $9.99 USD.

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