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Shiness: Lightning Kingdom gameplay seen in trailer

It’s being called a an Action-RPG as fight mechanics mix in with the traditions of role-playing for the latest offering from studio Enigami and its new title Shiness.

Shiness is a role-playing game developed by the independent French Studio Enigami which will let players travel through a captivating universe doomed for destruction.

We did say this was a PC game right?

Players take on the role of Chado and his companions, traveling across the Celestial islands ona flying boat. The title of the game, ‘Shiness’ refers to a magical spirit that only Chado can see

While exploring the world, players will enter into battles seamlessly, earning experience points and learning new powers as they progress. To overcome dangers and dastardly bosses throughout the land, combat in Shiness utilizes traditional fighting game mechanics with an RPG flair.


Indeed, fights in Shiness combine attacking, parrying, dodging and combos like in traditional fighter games with a clever use of elemental magic. This can all be seen in the video below.

PC gamers will be able to play and fight with five different, original characters in Shiness with each having their own unique skills and abilities, both for fighting and puzzle solving, all with RPG progression.

Chado, for example, has the power to summon a boulder on his back to throw and act as a counterweight. Poky's skills manipulate the world's Shi to influence electrical currents, while Kayenne exploits powerful telekinetic talents.

As players level up and explore the world of Mahera, they’ll find parchments that unlock new skills and abilities which can take the form of boons, curses, destructive magic and hyper moves.

The game should be released sometime this year.

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