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Developing Epocylipse: The AfterFall Introduces New Faction

A turn-based Role Playing Game (RPG), ‘Epocylipse: The AfterFall‘ has announced another faction being thrown into the mix and added to the choices for would-be players.

Coming from Razor Edge Games, the title is set in a time known as the Epocylipse, which is about 240 years from now, after an Asteroid impact changes the Earth dramatically. Humanity struggles to survive in a teraformed, brutally changed and mutated world.

Epocylipse: the AfterFall is a non-linear open world RPG with heavy emphasis on character development which uses a skill based system and promises a genuine RPG feel with high quality graphics using cinematic camera angles.

Play is turn based, can be played solo or with numerous people in the same campaign and gameplay consists of a mixture of strategy, wit, common sense and a willingness to push your character into the unknown.

Gamers can watch their characters carry out commands in a cinematic focus with 1st person, over the shoulder, 3rd person, field, and bullet cameras. Whatever can be seen can be looted and players will enjoy a visually comprehensive inventory as packs and loads on vehicles and mounts expand with whatever’s collected.

The title is also promising a radically designed PvP options featuring complex martial arts integration. Interesting.

Now the second playable faction of the upcoming release has be revealed. The Freedom Fighters introduce a rare form of compassionate, hearty community. Sticking to the traditions of family, empathy, and justice, the Freedom Fighters are a hard-working culture that encourages players to relearn humanity.

The Freedom Fighters, like their sister factions will make demands of players in an effort to build reputation and respect where such elements are thought lost. There are darker tones to the Faction, including an ongoing feud with the aforementioned Desert Rats.

According to the developers, the beauty of the Epocylipse the Afterfall game is the level of customization that it provides to the players and the faction system is a perfect embodiment of this. Players have a total of 6 factions to choose from and can decide which group fits more closely with their ideals and survival plans when confronting a dangerous and uncertain future.

The game is scheduled for release late 2016, early 2017.

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