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Kingdom Wars 2: Battles A Unique Fantasy RTS To Be Released

A unique fantasy real-time strategy game that features massive siege combat, city building and a plethora of other features storms Steam this week.

Coming from TapStar Interactive and Reverie World Studios Kingdom Wars 2: Battles (KW2B) is being called a unique massive-scale fantasy-RTS.

An overview of what’s being promised for this title, a unique fantasy real-time strategy game that features massive siege combat, city building, three distinct races, MMO-style crafting and Zombie survival.

“With a very small indie team like ours, we have to focus on making the best game that we can,” said Reverie Worlds Executive Producer Konstantin Fomenko. “TapStar's IndieStar program manages the marketing and promotion of our game, so we can spend all the time we can on development. We’re excited to partner with TapStar to help us reach more players.”

A read through the title’s website shows a list of interesting features.

Episodic Singleplayer Campaign. Kingdom Wars 2: Battles comes complete with an epic story-driven singleplayer campaign, as well as progressive multiplayer storytelling. Providing hours of engaging cinematic narrative, and original gameplay, campaign tells the story of the three great races, trying to survive in a world engulfed by total war. Each new episode will continue both the singleplayer and multiplayer story-arcs as well as introduce new races and locations.

Stunning Siege Combat. Realistic medieval siege combat brings fresh gameplay to the Strategy genre, with intricate stronghold construction, and over 25 defensive and offensive siege weapons.

Complex Crafting System. To provide meaning long-term gameplay, KW2B features full crafting system, with over two hundred combinations, from dozens of components from blueprints and materials to legendary items and relics. Crafting is tied into every aspect of the game, from crafting new deadly siege weapons and buildings, to creating new game cards, or researching new industrial technologies.

MMO Community Environment. While all online interaction is completely optional, players can experience persistent mmo environment, with huge player community waiting to welcome you. Make friends, join guilds and alliances, master player driven crafting economy, engage friends in coop and challenges, or compete to become the ultimate warrior in progressive player ranking and tournaments.


Skirmish Gameplay. KW2B offers complex city-building and economy model in a fast paced skirmish environment, offering extremely wide range of short-term and long-term strategic options.

Long term tech-tree progression. As players fights across the battlefields, his avatar level ups unlocking various crafting combination to create one of many game cards. This complex system adds a great deal of management and long-term strategic thinking as players unlock and build their card decks to ensure victory in battle.

Three truly Distinct Races. Featuring three truly distinct civilizations: Humans, Orcs and Elves – KW2:B brings players three unique was to play the game, and countless hours of late-game progression for each race.

Strategic Card Game. As players’ fights across the battlefields, strategic card game comes into play. Players can build endless combinations of playable card decks that they acquire through crafting. During multiplayer battles players will pit their decks against each other to try and turn the tide of a battle.

"Our goal with the IndieStar program is to support the independent development community and get the word out about innovative games that focus on gameplay with fanatical devotion,” said TapStar CEO Chris Gray. "Reverie World are making a game that will be a treat for dedicated RTS fans."

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles will arrive on March 4th priced at $29.99 USD, with a limited retail release to follow.

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