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Will Spellbound Update For TERA Transfix Players?

It would be easier to ask what En Masse Entertainment hasn’t updated with its latest game patch for the developers long-running MMORPG, TERA.

Calling the latest patch ‘The Spellbound update’ it features a top-to-bottom overhaul for one of the game’s original classes, the sorcerer. The Spellbound update not only includes new skills, new mechanics, and a lot more spell power for the sorcerer to throw around, it also introduces two new dungeons, two new end-game gear sets to collect and assemble, and much more.  

With this update, the magic-wielding sorcerer class gets an upgrade that includes new skills and mechanics, plus flashy new skill animations for players who like to be the center of attention. En Masse are so proud of the makeover of its sorcerer class, they’ve released a video.

If this news brings a smile to gamers who play Tera, Spellbound unleashes the first in a series of class overhauls coming to TERA over the coming months.

The Spellbound update also includes two new dungeons for level 65 players, Lilith’s Keep and Ruinous Manor.

The Lilith’s Keep dungeon will be found in a forgotten castle nestled among the Cliffs of Insanity. The vampyr noble known as Lilith is hatching a plot to revive the god Lakan from his long slumber and unleash him upon the world.

‘But,’ asks En Masse, ‘will killing Lilith be enough to stop her plan from unfolding?’

As far as the story around the Ruinous Manor dungeon, with the vampyr noble Lilith slain, it would seem that her plot to revive the god Lakan is ended. But even in death, Lilith still has Lakan’s favor, and for a vampyr, death is just an inconvenience on the way to ultimate triumph.

Cue dramatic stinger.

These dungeons will yield materials to craft two new powerful end-game gear sets, in addition to other rewards.

Spellbound also sees the return of two fan-favorite dungeons, Sky Cruiser Endeavor and Vault of Kaprima, both retooled and rebalanced for a more challenging gameplay experience.

In addition to the content above, the update also includes a new battleground in which players pilot tanks against one another, a number of interface improvements and bug fixes.

Spellbound is now available as a free update for TERA with all the details found here.

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