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Hardly Routine - The Sci-Fi Horror Game Readies For Release

Routine, a horror game set in space that first appeared three years ago appears to be making its way to release.

Classified as a first person game offering a non-linear experience, ‘Routine’ floats into the science-fiction horror genre. Although ‘Routine’ was announced before gamers ever got their controllers on ‘Alien: Isolation’, its set on an abandoned Moon Base imagined with a 80's vision of the future.

Featuring Permadeath, two unique endings and ‘Full Body Awareness’ players can search for help or explore to find answers. If the route of exploration is taken, the game promises to let players explore any part of the base, including hidden area as well as a number of randomized environmental hazards.

The first tease of 'Routine' from 2012

In the vein of ‘retro-technology’ floppy disks are used to update the software on what’s being called as the ‘Cosmonaut Assistance Tool’.

Just as notable as what will be in ‘Routine’ is what isn’t. The screen will be devoid of HUD’s and health bars.

Now we have you excited, readers will be pleased to know ‘Routine’ is expected to hit the Steam shelves in March 2017. To celebrate, a new trailer has been released!

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