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Time Running Out To Sign Up For 'Forts' Closed Beta

Fans of action-packed strategy games should head over to Earthwork Games to sign up for the closed beta of Forts, a physics-based RTS coming to Windows in Q1 2017.

Forts  is a test of creativity and construction, pitting players against one another as they each fight to maintain their base while relentlessly attacking enemy outposts. Players can pursue multiple strategies by advancing their technology and using a variety of tools.

Players will choose between taking an offensive position by creating towering structures capable of raining destruction upon enemy forts or constructing stout, defense-oriented buildings that can withstand onslaughts while firing off a precision assault.

Choosing from a pool of ten powerful weapons, players can launch attacks on enemy forts using cannons, missiles, lasers, mortars and more. Different weapons will lend to different strategies; for instance, missiles are more likely to strike if assisted by snipers taking out enemy defenses. Players can hide any weapon inside of their fort which will unleash a hidden deadly attack. Bases can also be equipped with protective tools such as blast doors and shields which can deflect incoming fire.


Whichever strategy players choose, the realistic physics require fortresses to be structurally sound. An uneven design can come tumbling down quickly as the fort takes damage, ending the battle.

Forts will also feature native mod support, a Map Editor and a Sandbox mode. Players can take a second look at a match via the built-in Replay System to perfect their builds and strategies.

The single-player campaign follows three factions, the United States, China and Russia, as they fight to claim Earth's last oil resources. Players can also enter a multiplayer mode with up to eight friends divided into two teams or jump into a quick match and take on AI-controlled towers in Skirmish mode. Gamers can take on various objective-specific challenges as well.

The closed beta for Earthwork Games' upcoming title will begin on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 and run through Friday, Dec. 9, 2016. 

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