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Adam Wolfe's Fourth Adventure Is His Zero Hour

It could be said ‘Zero Hour’ has a little of everything to make it quirky, bringing back a gaming genre yet delivered in episodic fashion. All this with Adam Wolf coming back for his fourth outing.

Following the gaming genre of a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) the the fourth and final episode of Adam Wolfe has been released today by Independent developer Mad Head.

Since the game’s Episode 1 launch, Adam Wolfe has captured the interest of HOPA players from around the world. Episode 4 will serve as the culmination to the memorable episodic adventure with the game’s tortured protagonist, Adam Wolfe.

For those late to the game and looking for the plot, supernatural investigator Adam Wolfe continues to be haunted by the disappearance of his sister while dealing with the shadows of his past.

The setting? Adam treks forward in his investigation of occult crimes, supernatural occurrences and the horrific reality of San Francisco crime syndicates. This neo-noir game offers a gripping story accompanied by action set-pieces, in hand-drawn art style, and unique puzzles new to the HOPA genre.

‘Players have unraveled the mystery set before them in Episodes 1 - 3, but nothing will prepare them for the twists and turns of this final chapter, states the press release and calling on scary music to be inserted mentally.

The game features an English voiceover and is fully localized in English, French, German, Russian, simplified Chinese and Serbian.

On Steam, Adam Wolfe’s fourth episode “Zero Hour” will be available as a part of the complete season for $19.99. To get player’s started, Episode 1 “The Ancient Flame” is available for $5.99 and the season pass can then be purchased for $15.99.

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