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Hybrid Beasts Brings A Little Of Everything, Including A Beta

You name it and ‘Hybrid Beasts’ seems to have it. Side-scroller, turn-based action, falling artillery, zombiefying shells and flying fish of the lethal nature of course. Best of all, it now has a beta!

As the trailer explains, the land of wonder and lore is kept by ongoing war where players have access to a bizarre range of weapons. Coming from BeastBits the beta version of its innovative indie game “Hybrid Beasts” is now available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Hybrid Beasts is a unique cross-genre game where players explore an open world full of adventures, quests and secrets. During these travels, players compete with never before seen creatures in action-packed yet strategic turn-based battles to conquer and defend the regions of the newly discovered world.

‘Hybrid Beasts aims to push things forward in the genre by introducing a number of novel and original features,’ the press release states with a slight understatement.

After being greenlit on Steam in only 11 days, and a very successful Square-Enix-Collective campaign which saw a 86% ‘would-fund’ rate, Hybrid Beasts has now entered beta testing phase.

With over 4000 followers on Twitter, recently the game has attracted a lot of interest in social media. At the moment, the developers are strongly encouraging interested gamers to join the beta test and test new weapons, items and features that are added every few days. They just unlocked desert and winter worlds in the game.

Beta testers are granted access to the developer forums and are very welcome to voice their own ideas. What more could a player ask for?

Hybrid Beasts is developed by a small game studio called BeastBits located in Leipzig in Germany that is collaborating with well-known artists as Joana Lafuente of Transformers fame and musicians like David Orr known for his work on Castle Crashers and Call of Duty: Heroes to create Hybrid Beasts.

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