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Earthfall - Aliens Invading In High Def and 4K

A newly announced feature for an upcoming operative shooter, Earthfall, may be something considered commonplace by the end of next year. Offering 4K and high definition resolutions.

Thousands of gamers waited hours in line to be one of the first to get their hands on Holospark’s newest game, Earthfall, at PAX West 2016. Earthfall is an action-packed co-operative first-person shooter where a ragtag bunch of survivors band together to fight back against an alien invasion. Utilizing a wide variety of weapons and supplies, players must use team-based tactics and defenses while exploring the towns and wildernesses of the Pacific Northwest. 

Holospark announced the highly anticipated shooter would include High Dynamic Range color (HDR) on Xbox One S and 4K resolution with HDR on PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as future compatible consoles. There was no indication if this would be offered on the PC version. PC gamers should hope so, with 4X the resolution of regular hi-definition and intense colors, Earthfall is poised to deliver stunning visual experiences when it releases in the first half of 2017.

“Earthfall is already an incredibly intense and visceral experience,” says art director Steve Holt. “Moving to HDR and 4K on consoles is going to make it even more stunning, and show a level of detail that players haven't experienced before.”

Designed as a co-operative survival game for up to four players, gamers and their most trusted friends can try to survive the alien infestation. For those who don’t have enough trust or friends, A.I. teammates stand ready to ensure a full team at any time regardless of available players.

Multiple campaigns tell different stories across several missions, allowing players to dive in and experience diverse settings and mission types across what Holospark are promising will be an authentic depiction of the Pacific Northwest. It’s through the various stories new content and secrets are revealed about not only the world of Earthfall, but the cataclysmic alien invasion as well.

A controversial topic of today will obviously be the crafting route of tomorrow. Players will utilize advanced 3D printers found within the game to print more than twenty different weapons to use against the vicious alien enemies.

As mentioned, Earthfall will be released in the first half of 2017.

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