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Big And Beautiful Campaigns Promised For Enlisted

The mystery started with an action-filled promotional video has been answered in large part, as promised by Gaijin Entertainment, with details about their new title ‘Enlisted’.

A short press release accompanied a two minute video of World War 2 action late Friday, all pointing to a single page website with an option to sign up for more details as well as a countdown clock. Now we know the new title ‘Enlisted’ will be dedicated to the most important large scale World War II battles and most off, will be a fan driven game.  

‘Other online shooters are basically sports-like competitions with one team fighting against the other with the background set or decor of a particular historical period, but it’s not a battle, it has nothing to do with the objectives that soldiers had in real warfare,’ explains the Enlisted website, ‘The desire to actually “walk in a real soldier’s boots”, to be victorious against the opponent - the opponent being a real person - this is what we as players seek in these games but never find.’

For those drawing immediate comparisons to Gaijin Entertainment’s very popular War Thunder, they’re quick to point out Enlisted will be more focused on ‘simulation’, and should be considered closer to  games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA2 for its skill-based matchmaking and use of collection and statistics.


Enlisted will initially offer two massive campaigns, Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Normandy. Both lasted weeks and sometimes months during World War 2, featuring specific characters and famous weapons. These will be recreated in a campaign in Enlisted, offering different game modes where players will be fighting not only by themselves but also together with a platoon of soldiers in massive battles.

And these battles should be big as well as beautiful. The title will be built using Gaijin Entertainment’s proprietary Dagor Engine, which promises large scale battles with a 100 combatants spread over a massive and richly detailed battlefield complete with destructible landscapes.

“Enlisted is an ambitious undertaking, unlike any game we have ever created. It will be a first person shooter decided by the fans, for the fans. They will have direct input into what we create, including things like campaigns, game modes, even which platforms after PC we will support,” said Alexander Nagorny, producer, Darkflow Software.

An opportunity to control a military unit in specific scenarios and not a single character is another interesting feature of Enlisted. Starting with gathering the units and playing with them until the last one dies would add depth not found in many First Person Shooters.

However, player control of in-game vehicles is not planned at this moment. It will be considered, Gaijin explains, if enough resources are available and the community is interested.


If all this sounds intriguing, beginning today, December 12th, players can purchase the first two campaigns as well as weapons packs and early access to the closed beta, which will launch in the second half of 2017. Exclusive collector’s weapons will cost from 6.99 to 11.99 USD, weapon+campaign pack will be from 20 to 25 USD depending on the rifle chosen.

The biggest pack for 50 USD will include both campaigns, three weapons and will provide the owner with early access to the game.

According to Gaijin Entertainment, they will reinvest all proceeds from Enlisted into developing additional maps, game modes and console versions. An example of this, once Enlisted generates $250K in sales they will start developing the African campaign. More campaigns and new gameplay features, both chosen by players through online voting, will go into development with each goal reached and at the $1m mark, with console versions included in the development.

Each campaign is planned as separate paid game on Steam, with limited demo access for friends. From the start, it will be available in Early Access exclusively for crowdfunding supporters.

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