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Its A Whole New World For American Truck Simulator

New and improved are often over-used, but in the case of American Truck Simulator from SCS Software it may the case. The latest update rescales the game’s world and makes it bigger.

Inspired by the success of Euro Truck Simulator, the American version allows players to deliver various cargoes across sunny California, sandy Nevada and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona.

The latest patch comes after six months of work which involved thousands of hours realizing a reworked road network is much closer to reality. SCS considers it another step in the right direction to show the United States as they really are and as seen by truck drivers in real life.

The scale of the American Truck Simulator world has gone from 1:35 to 1:20, involving a longer day-night cycle and rebalancing of the economy, changing the gaming experience more than most game patches tend to.

The increase in the map’s size from this improved scale is seen below.

The title features hundreds of miles of new longer roads including new Interstate I-580 and I-80 connections as well as corrections to I-5 near LA and Redding. A new stretch of CA-101 brings 28 reworked or new junctions with affecting notably Reno, San Francisco, San Diego and L.A., 6 new custom rest areas and truckstops as well as more accurate height profiles resulting in new steeper climbs and descends.

To help pass away those hours behind the wheel, the new stretch of CA-101 includes famous recognizable landscape landmarks such as Donner Pass, Grapevine, Kumeyaay Highway, Picachio Peak, Humphreys Peak and Cajon Pass.

Many of these improvements and additions can be seen in a new video highlighting the recent patch. The full patch notes, and there is a bunch more stuff, can be found here.

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