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Warframe Brings Holiday Cheer And Gift-Giving

As game makers reveal their plans and treats for players this festive season, Canadian developer Digital Extremes takes a different approach with its free-to-play hit ‘Warframe’.

An altruistic holiday program that features player gift-giving for a good cause where Warframe players can engage their Tenno by giving in-game gifts as part of the ‘Tennobaum Gifting Extravaganza'. The more players give this holiday season, the more they receive in in-game gear and the more Digital Extremes gives back to its local community. The Boys and Girls Club of London provides fun with a purpose in after-school programs where children and youth enjoy a safe place of their own to thrive, grow and learn.

As of yesterday, Wednesday December 14, and running through Wednesday January 4 2017, for each gifting milestone reached by playing the game and gifting items to each other, players receive special holiday-related in-game items and gear as reward for their generosity. In turn, Digital Extremes’ cash donations to the Boys and Girls Club incrementally increases.

Players can track the candy cane Gift-o-Meter increasing in real-time, as well as seeing who are the most generous Tenno on the Gift-o-Board leaderboard. To participate, all players must log in to Warframe, play, and give gifts before Wednesday, January 4. For gifting inspiration, Darvo, everyone's favorite interplanetary in-game salesman, will have a daily deal in the in-game market.

While in Warframe, players will have access to other holiday treats such as Snowday Showdown, Winter Solstice Skins as well as Landing Craft Winter Decorations.

The Snowday Showdown will run on two weekends - from Friday, December 16, to Monday, December 19, and then again from Friday, December 30, 2016, to Monday, January 2, 2017. Players will receive an award each day for three completed matches.

Called the Winter Solstice Skins Bundle, these skins and packages give Warframes, weapons and companions a new look. The Winter Solstice Skin Bundle includes:

  • Solstice Titania Skin
  • Solstice Heliocor Skin
  • Solstice Salix Syandana
  • Solstice Daedalus Bundle
  • Solstice Kavat Gene-Masking Skin
  • Solstice Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit
  • Three-Day Affinity and Credit Booster

Finally, Digital Extremes obviously understands it wouldn’t be the holiday season without presents, so they’re giving the gift of a well-decorated ship. Players can decorate their Landing Crafts with Landing Craft Winter Decorations for one Credit in the Market.

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