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Big Changes With Star Citizen and Squadron 42

Gamers who were too busy over the holidays may’ve missed an amazing announcement from the developers behind Star Citizen. It’s moving from Crytek to a newer game engine, Amazon Lumberyard.

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) released the news late on December 23rd, both games currently in development, Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will be built using Amazon Lumberyard game engine. Interestingly enough, the new engine is based on a Crytek product, making the move less revolutionary than a headline would imply. However, Crytek’s recent financial challenges and how Amazon allows developers to use its Lumberyard game engine makes sense of the move.

Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA, cross-platform, 3D game engine that empowers game developers to create the highest-quality experiences, connect their games to the vast compute and storage of the AWS Cloud, and engage fans on Twitch. 

“We’ve been working with Amazon for more than a year, as we have been looking for a technology leader to partner with for the long term future of Star Citizen and Squadron 42,” said Chris Roberts, CIG’s CEO and creative director. “Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its social component with Twitch that enables us to easily and instantly connect to millions of global gamers.”

News of the latest game update, the 2.6 Alpha update for Star Citizen is in fact running on Lumberyard and AWS. This update includes various fixes as well as new items. Among the new features;

  • Pirate Swarm is a new game mode to Arena Commander, for both Drone Sim and Spectrum matchups.
  • Crusader star system has several new locations to visit and a new ICC Probe mission
  • The first-person combat simulator Star Marine is now available for players with two maps available in the initial Star Marine release, OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.
  • Bleeding has been added to the game
  • A new front end user interface is now implemented, with updated graphics and new features

“Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are incredibly ambitious projects which are only possible with great engine technology paired with the transformative power of the cloud. We love how CIG’s bold vision has already inspired a massive community, and we’re thrilled to see what they create with Lumberyard, AWS, and the Twitch community,” said Dan Winters, head of business development for Amazon Games. “We’re excited that they’ve chosen Lumberyard and AWS to provide the performance and scalability they need to bring their games to a massive audience.”

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