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So Much Story This RTS Needs a Book!

A new title which aims to capture the spirit of the classic Real Time Strategy genre is offering its players a free audiobook to paint to add some atmospheric background to its storyline.

Launched in Steam’s Early Access, Earth Liberation is a dynamic modern RTS that captures the spirit of the classics of the golden era of PC gaming. Some of the first downloadable content comes in the form of an atmospheric audiobook set in the game’s universe, which is free to download for anyone who owns or will purchase the game.

Earth Liberation: The Novel - Part 1 reveals the frightening depth of the in-game conflict covering the times called ‘primal’ by the story’s scientists.

As for the game itself, Earth Liberation is a streamlined, fast-paced gameplay focused on challenge and action. At the heart of its action, the merciless invasion of reptilian creatures calling themselves Khrasters.

Currently the Early Access includes seven challenging missions to complete, with many more promised.

“In our imagination it has already become a living, story-rich universe,” explains Vladimir, co-founder at PoRovoz Studios when discussing the story line behind Earth Liberation. “Earth Liberation features a story that kept on growing as we were making progress with the game, and will be growing even further as our development process continues. For that reason, we’re giving away a lore-filled novel in the form of an audiobook and e-book to everyone who buys the game”.

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