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Steam Ranks The Best-Selling Games of 2016

Gamers can find out exactly how popular the titles they play were last year with Steam revealing its Top 100 Best Sellers of 2016.

Based on gross revenues, the chart helps players quickly see which games captured gamer’s hearts, if not some of that hard-earned cash. The list, which is divided into three categories of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, brings the added bonus of enjoying a sale to celebrate the list, allowing gamers to grab a popular title as a New Year treat.

There is no indication of when the sale wraps up, but it should be noted the Steam Winter Sale ends tomorrow.

As far as exact popularity, the list has changed slightly the few times we've looked at it, so its best to speak of a title's popularity by which category it finds itself in. The list tells a few different tales with a game’s place in the ranking not necessarily the whole story. A great example of this would be ‘No Mans Sky’ which enjoyed record sales when initially released, putting it firmly in the Platinum section of the newly released chart. However, there was much controversy and many complaints about misrepresentation of game content which obviously left many players unhappy with their purchase.

There is of course the fan favorites such as Counterstrike and DOTA both of which were in the top twelve.

Fallout 4, a game actually released in 2015, albeit towards the end, found itself in the Platinum section, speaking volumes to the game’s popularity. Skyrim even makes it into the Silver section which isn’t bad considering it was released in 2011.

Another story comes from sequels. A trip to a game’s forums will have some of its players questioning the quality and popularity of the latest edition or version, comparing it to those that came before it. Because Arma is a favorite around the offices of NBPCG, it’s interesting to see Arma 3 appearing at the top of the Gold category. For such a specialized genre, a military simulation, that’s a pretty impressive placement. Yet posts questioning the size of the title’s player-base and whether or not it’s a popular game seem to pop up in its forums every few months.

For players who made it through the holidays with a little extra cash and some free hard drive space, those who want affirmation or even gamers who may view a title’s absence as a crown of hipness, they should all head over to Steam’s Top 100 Best Sellers of 2016.

A promotional screenshot showing the latest installment of Arma 3 and its APEX expansion

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