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Another LEGO title is coming to the PC, promising to be funnier and bigger than anything seen before.

A space pirate game will chart a course for a closed beta as it sails toward a January release and we have the details on how to get in on it.

The latest online game from Blizzard will add the best feature any player could want, a free weekend of gameplay!

Coming close to running longer than any of the television shows the game was set on, Star Trek Online isn’t only ready to kick off its 7th Anniversary, but do it with some style.

A hero as old as time is featured in a new PC gaming title with Early Access starting for the open-world survival game ‘Conan Exiles’ at the end of January.

Out of all the ways to promote the release of a new PC game, recreating it in the real world is difficult and consequently rarely done. However, Capcom is doing just that to celebrate the hotly-anticipated game release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

A highly anticipated game originally slated for release on consoles will appear on the PC as well with ‘RiME’ launching in May 2017.

Gamers can find out exactly how popular the titles they play were last year with Steam revealing its Top 100 Best Sellers of 2016.

A new title which aims to capture the spirit of the classic Real Time Strategy genre is offering its players a free audiobook to paint to add some atmospheric background to its storyline.

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