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Players waiting for the start of the For Honor Closed Beta will be happy to hear they can start 2017 testing the new combat game.

Next week Dishonored 2 will get its first free Game Update which not only includes various improvements based on player feedback but also a new and interesting mode.

It’s becoming as much a Christmas tradition as overcooked turkey and uncomfortable sweaters, the Square Enix Holiday Surprise Box.

Something festive appears to have made it into the waters of gaming. Activision are allowing gamers to fight their way through Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free.

It could be Agent 47’s toughest assignment, eliminating cancer. The company behind the Hitman series is doing their part to help with just that through new holiday content for the killer title.

New and improved are often over-used, but in the case of American Truck Simulator from SCS Software it may the case. The latest update rescales the game’s world and makes it bigger.

The mystery started with an action-filled promotional video has been answered in large part, as promised by Gaijin Entertainment, with details about their new title ‘Enlisted’.

Santa has come early for PC gamers with Ubisoft giving away one of the more recent Assassin’s Creed titles away for free.

A short video, countdown clock and subscribing for more information, could this be all the cool stuff that make up a great marketing campaign for the latest online multiplayer game?

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