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Tobii Eye Tracking Looks at a Promising Year

An interesting gaming peripheral continues to work its way into various PC titles as Tobii debuts two new major eye tracking titles, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dying Light at CES 2017.

Tobii is an eye tracking technology that can be used to control games. Now available in over 45 titles at including, WATCH_DOGS 2, Steep, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Elite: Dangerous several new eye tracking enhanced games are added monthly.

Tobii expects 100 eye tracking enhanced games by the end of 2017, including several more upcoming AAA titles. If gamers are unfamiliar with this technology, they should expect to see more of it.

“In the past 12 months we’ve seen The Eye Tribe acquired by Facebook, EyeFluence acquired by Google, FOVE take its first pre-orders and multiple consumer integrations of our own technology with Alienware, Acer, Huawei and MSI,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. “If 2016 was an indicator of the growing interest in eye tracking, it’s only the beginning; 2017 is going to be an even more interesting year for Tobii.”

The company is serious about its technology, appearing as peripherals that can be connected to the computers as well as built into laptops. Include Tobii EyeX, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C and SteelSeries Sentry; gaming notebooks: Alienware 17, Predator 21X and MSI GT72; and monitors: Predator Z271T, XB251HQT and XB271HUT.

Unveiled today, the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro is the world’s first general consumer notebook with integrated eye tracking. Through the use of dynamic multitasking features like ‘Touch at Gaze’ and ‘App Switcher,’ eye tracking creates smoother workflows and easier navigation between apps. For example, with ‘Touch at Gaze’, users only need to place their finger on the precision touchpad (PTP) and the mouse pointer appears in the area they want it. When users scroll the computer will know what window to scroll in automatically, since you are already looking at it.

“Founded over fifteen years ago with the vision of an eye tracker in every computer, we’re very happy to bring our tech to a wider array of consumer markets and continue our position as the clear market leader,” continued Werner.

Last modified on 03/01/2017

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