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First Look! CyberPowerPC Debuts New PC's at CES

It appears Intel’s new 7th Generation “Kaby Lake” processor is the star of the CES show with CyberPowerPC and its Syber Gaming division will debut a series of new systems based on the monster chip.

The new systems will feature maximum airflow, hard tube liquid cooling, all in eye-catching new enclosures and making their debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The company will also showcase VR-ready laptops, a Kaby Lake refresh of its 2-in-1 gaming & streaming PC with its Pro Streamer series, and other rigs for gaming enthusiasts.

From power-gaming, virtual reality to charging through the latest trends of streaming, the new line-up has something for everyone.

Syber Gaming’s XL Series – Powerful Aesthetics, Maximum Airflow

The Syber XL-Series with its massive enclosure, superb airflow, and sleek eye-catching design will have all serious gamers agreeing that good things come in big packages. With its ability to accommodate elaborate liquid cooling systems, any size CPU/GPU combinations, Syber feels its XL series outperforms any current tower system on the market and gives gamers the headroom to fully customize their rigs for maximum performance.

The Syber XL series, available in the Q2 2017, will feature a choice of the new AMD Ryzen CPU, 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake CPUs along with new Z270 Chipset, or with Broadwell-E CPU options coupled with X99 platform.

Systems will have a base price of $999 featuring the new Syber XL Case and Intel Z270 Chipset.

CyberPowerPC Hyper Liquid Series – Play Cool and Stay Cooler

CyberPowerPC’s new Hyper Liquid series is a fully customizable desktop gaming line that features hard tube liquid cooling with a variety of coolant color and lighting choices to calm down the most overclocked CPUs and fastest GPUs.

Liquid cooling has proven to cool CPU's down more than air coolers, and a CyberPowerPC Hyper Liquid cooling system can cool up to 14% better than a Corsair H55 cooler on an overclocked CPU. Combined with the fact that a Hyper Liquid cooling system can cool a GPU down by over 27% more than a standard GPU cooler, the benefits of buying a Hyper Liquid system to protect your valuable gaming components can be easily justifiable.

CyberPowerPC with over 5 models in its Hyper Liquid lines with AMD Ryzen CPU, or 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake CPUs with MSRP pricing from $1549 on the Hyper Liquid Core to the Black Mamba configuration at $6589

Pro Streamer 2-in-1 Gaming & Streaming PC gets Kaby Lake Refresh

Following the latest trend of sharing gaming experiences, CyberPowerPC will also show off its refreshed Pro Steamer line at CES. Pro Streamer models, now part of the new CyberPowerPC Creator line, come pre-installed and configured with the OBS open source streaming and recording program and XSPLIT live streaming applications so you can start streaming immediately.

CyberPowerPC pre-installs the streaming software to match all hardware so users get quality streaming out of the box.  The Pro Streamer is offered in three models including the latest 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor.

Pro Streamer I100 starts at $2365 and can be customized with the latest 7th Gen. Intel Core i5 processor with Z270 Chipset and 7th Gen Core i3 streamer unit starting under $2,400.

New Virtual Reality Laptops

CyberPowerPC will introduce two new VR-ready laptops at CES and refresh the majority of prior gaming laptops to be VR-ready for 2017.  All laptops with GTX 1060 will be compatible with the leading VR headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and will play the latest titles and future game releases at their highest settings.

The all new Vector II-Z Series of gaming notebooks with an expansive 15 or 17-inch full HD IPS display, high powered audio and aggressive styling. The new Tracer II series of gaming notebooks offers powerful Intel 7th Gen mobile gaming in an ultra portable laptop.

The new CyberpowerPC gaming laptop line includes:

  • Vector II 15.6” & 17.3” – i7-7700HQ / GTX 1050Ti 4GB/GTX 1060 6GB
  • Vector II Z (15.6”) i7-7700HQ + GTX 1060 6GB/ GTX 1070 8GB
  • Tracer II Laptop – 7Th Gen Kaby Lake processor (i7-7700HQ) + GTX 1050TI 4GB / GTX 1060 6GB
  • Fangbook 5 Extreme 18.4” – i7-7920HQ / Dual GTX 1080

All Syber or CyberPowerPC gaming PC’s can be custom configured with a number of hardware options, including high-performance gaming memory, solid state drives, graphics cards, and gaming peripherals. Fully-assembled systems include a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime tech support via chat, email or telephone.

Last modified on 05/01/2017

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