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Gamers wanting to bring the humor found on television’s ‘Adult Swim’ can ready themselves for ‘Rise & Shine’ with a new trailer celebrating the title’s imminent release.

 The first in-game shots of a new role-playing game in production for some time, Epocylipse the AfterFall is our video pick to kick off the week.

The latest edition of Final Fantasy, ‘The Far Edge of Fate’ is official with its very own trailer.

It isn’t the venue normally used for marketing the release of a PC gaming title, but if you’re Electronic Arts’ BioWare with the partner of Nvidia, why wouldn’t you use the CES show?

Adding its dino-tilt to the time of the year, ARK: Survival Evolved ushers in the arrival of Raptor Claus and his load of gifts, both naughty and nice. It’s also our video pick of the day.

A never-before-seen map location for a new title makes or video pick of the day, not simply because it looks great, we are loving the story that it comes with. Besides, it’s titled ‘Slaughterhouse’, what’s not to like?

Today’s video pick celebrates the release of the latest multiplayer DLC for the newest DOOM title. It’s not necessarily the video that earns the pick, but everything happening around the release.

The gaming genre of Real Time Strategy hasn’t enjoyed much love from developers in recent years, but our video pick of the day shows that might be changing.

It would be fair to wonder given the immense world and ever-changing world of PC games, why today’s favorite thing is a new set of animations for the upcoming MMORPG, Gloria Victis.

How can a daily video pick be better than Warhammer? There’s no need to even try and answer that question as we line-up a Wood Elves showcase.

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