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First Look! Epocylipse the AfterFall

 The first in-game shots of a new role-playing game in production for some time, Epocylipse the AfterFall is our video pick to kick off the week.

Coming from Razor Edge Games, Epocylipse the AfterFall is a complex, turn based, RPG based on an event many experts feel could happen, the impact of an asteroid creating an apocalyptic scenario. According to current scientific data on an Asteroid (Asteroid 410777 (2009FD) it’s set to pass extremely close to Earth about 180 years from now, with a higher probability of impact than any other known asteroids of over a 1/4 mile is size currently being tracked by NASA.

The actual game begins some 60 years After the Fall in an very changed world, one where humanity has fragmented into small isolated settlements and various faction have sprung up all preaching their way is the best way.

‘Mutations have begun to change insects and even man. This is a world where many things from the old world are considered almost mythical now,’ explains Razor Edge Games. ‘This is a world of adventure and discovery, filled with deadly, brutal combat, where a bad decision could easily mean a quick death for your character. Our game is what most would call Hard Core!’

The new footage takes viewers into a bar where survivors, mutated or not, can not only enjoy apocalyptic company, but live music, and we mean live music. Real life bands have been invited to take part in a co-marketing effort with Razor Edge Games’ upcoming video game, Epocylipse the Afterfall. Bands chosen to appear in the game will be heard on radios in settlements, featured on posters, and maybe even seen on video in bars.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2017.

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