Racing Title ‘Gravel’ gets some DLC and a Digital Plan

A brand new cross-country map set in Iceland takes the lead as Gravel's first DLC


Released earlier this year, the racing title Gravel is getting a new cross-country map and some cutely-named digital plans.

Celebrating off-road, arcade racing, Gravel takes players to exotic locations around the world, competing in extreme challenges across more than 50 tracks, while choosing from dozens of ‘the most iconic vehicles ever created’. The tracks feature the four disciplines of Gravel: Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross, and Stadium Circuit. Delivering an adrenaline-fueled combination of fun and thrills, gamers will enjoy a wild single-player experience that’s centered around the Gravel Channel. Presenting the Offroad Masters, a new experience that will accompany players as they battle through 60 events along the road to fame and glory.

As for the latest DLC, its a brand new cross-country map set in Iceland, including 10 brand new check point tracks as well as a new career episode, A race of Ice and Fire. New events feature extreme snow tracks in three different settings: Coast, Mountain and Valley. Players can race inside dormant volcanoes, illuminated by the aurora borealis or visit iconic small fishing villages. All users can race in capture the capture the flag and king’s run mode in a new Multiplayer Arena.

Gravel’s Ice and Fire will be available from March 28th and will be included in the season pass.

The digital plans will be called freemium and premium with pricing to follow.

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