Snow Tornados and New Characters – Fade to Silence Gets Update

New regions, more bad guys and some weather that can put a twist in any player's plans


The game has only been in the public eye since late 2017, but Fade to Silence has already been expanded to include new regions, more bad guys and ‘Snow Tornados’.

Coming from THQ Nordic, Fade to Silence puts players in the role of Ash, a natural leader who must battle eldritch monsters and the elements in a post-apocalyptic environment blanketed in #EndlessWinter. So far, Early Access has allowed players to take on missions which involved collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building a camp or defeating horrific supernatural creatures. The general theme of the game is to continually struggle to navigate dynamic, accumulating snow, real-time snow trails, and completely immersive weather effects such as blizzards.

“We have long sought to expand the THQ Nordic portfolio with a survival game that truly elevates the genre,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director, THQ Nordic. “Fade to Silence recreates the many dynamics of a harsh winter climate, delivering a new level of intensity to the survival experience. During the Early Access phase, the intense story of Fade to Silence will unfold, finally revealing what is behind the corruption the hero is fighting.”

Fade to Silence Launch Trailer – December 2017

The latest update allows players to explore deep canyons, a refinery located in the middle of the zone and other points of interest in The Pits, a new region in Fade to Silence. The Pits also feature new gathering areas but be warned, its officially the farthest region so players will need to equip the best gear they can muster.

Other additions include;

New Followers
Two new companions join the fold, Ezra and Gani.

Ezra “The Alchemist” managed to survive for a very long time, despite the harsh conditions, which is partly due to her widespread knowledge of every plant and herb that can still be found in the icy cold. Gani, “The Huntress” is determined to reverse the Eclipse’s devastating effects on the planet. Ready to take on any task, Gani expects the same of everyone else. Likewise, Gani won’t hesitate to call out faults in camp leadership when she sees them.

New Threats
THQ Nordic Tech-Artists and VFX Artists have created snow tornados which roam the canyons of The Pit and forces players to be extremely careful when exploring the new area.

New Refuge Upkeep System
There’s a new upkeep system for the refuge in Fade to Silence. Followers in the camp are affected by the amount of firewood and food stored in the refuge which is important to know and they will be using the resources stored in the refuge stash.

Here’s a new trailer to show off the snow tornados and more!

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