Surreal Survival Game ‘Wrongworld’ Grows Before Our Gaming Eyes

Wrongworld. A PC Game that uses the tagline of 'Now 75% more biome-y'. We kid you not!


The art of making video games has evolved over the last few years with the ‘Early Access’ feature allowing gamers to watch a title make its way through development.

Such is the case with Wrongworld, which slowly makes its way towards a full release, taking some purposefully humorous twist and turns along the way. Self-described as ‘a surreal and unforgiving survival game set on a low poly world filled with freakish inhabitants’.

On his way back from a simple intergalactic trip to the shops, the title’s nameless hero encounters a rather peculiar anomaly in the depths of space and ultimately crash-lands on an uncharted planet, Wrongworld. With his beautiful rocket ship and accompanying technology destroyed, he must go back to basics and figure out how to survive in this harsh, unfamiliar environment. Assuming a quick and painful death does not occur, he must then decide whether to build a new life for himself here on Wrongworld or attempt to rebuild his ship and get the hell out of here.

Gamers play as this nameless hero, a furry little space critter with a bit of a knack for whomping mutants. Crash-landed on a strange and unfamiliar planet, the decisions range from rebuilding your ship and head home or try to make a new life. Either way, players will explore, gather, craft, discover, whomp various things and juggle a powerful need to eat.

Key features of the game include;

  • Survival – With a powerful need to eat, you’ll need to find food to stand a chance at surviving Wrongworld. Forage, hunt, farm and cook to keep your hunger at bay.
  • Combat – As well as being a bit of a technological whiz, our furry little hero also happens to be a student of the martial arts. Pretty handy, too, as he’ll encounter a range of rather violent natives here on Wrongworld.
  • Crafting – Gather resources from across the land, kit yourself out with awesome gear, and build yourself an epic new home. From basics like campfires, simple tools and cooked meals all the way to jet packs, magic potions and maybe even a replacement rocket ship.
  • Exploration – Explore every nook and cranny of your abstract surroundings to unearth the many secrets hidden around Wrongworld. Huge, randomly-generated worlds means it’s different every time you play.
Yes, this furry creature did navigate an intergalactic spacecraft

Aside from the game’s humor, the creative talent behind Wrongworld has brought a unique style to Steam’s Early access. Jamie Coles, aka Sludj games, recently lowered the early access price to $14.99 and told anyone who had previously purchased at a higher price to consider returning Wrongworld and buying at the new, lower offer.

“To anyone who has recently purchased the game at the previous price point and is still in a position to refund it and re-buy it at the reduced price, please, by all means, feel free to do that!” he writes in the last set of update notes from March 16th.

In those same notes, Coles suggests rolling out of early access as well, making the real-life development as interesting as the game itself.

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