Tactical Storytelling Courtesy of Ash of Gods

Promising a deeply layered world, Ash of Gods makes its turns-based moves onto Steam and GOG


Featuring a mix of turn-based strategy and card RPG, a narrative-focused tactical RPG – Ash of Gods has been released.

From developer AurumDust, cards will determine strategy and the characters’ classes determine tactics on the battlefield. The game is available on Steam and GOG for $24.99 USD. A Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the base game, a digital art book, printable posters, the Original Soundtrack and more, is also available for $34.99 USD.

Ash of Gods is a ​turn-based RPG featuring constantly evolving storytelling with risks that truly affect gameplay, along with an extensive online PvP mode and features a mix of gorgeous art, lush music, tactical combat, and a powerful story that plays out via dialogue driven layer interaction.

Ash of Gods features a unique “rogue-like” storytelling style where the story changes based on player actions and reactions, where even the death of important characters won’t mean the end of your story! Along with this unique storytelling format, the game offers players an incredible tactical-combat experience, where dozens of character types use unique abilities and synergies, combined with special collectible combat cards, to defeat all comers.

A magical soundtrack by renowned composer Adam Skorupa rounds out the offerings of Ash of Gods.

Ash of Gods
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